About Us


OMEGA Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Omega Power is a global technology company with a diverse international management and engineering
team and strong sales leadership spanning from Middle East to Asia. We are a leading consultant,
manufacturer and installers of renewable technology products in Pakistan. Omega Power delivers a
wide range of services which includes: Project feasibility, Technical consultancy, Site surveys,
Support Services, Logistics, Trainings, Power and Renewable Energy Services, Technology and Venture
Business Segments, and demonstrates itself as a technology-driven Engineering, Procurement and
Construction (EPC) company.
New Area are covered by new technologies and afterwards going through out Encouragement things.

Our Vision

To make a better everyday life for everyone.

Our Mission

Customers are our first priority and we are providing them the best quality products and superior/unmatched services with an absolute satisfaction.

Our Values

QUALITY    : We do the best.
PASSION    : Totally committed.
INTEGRITY  : Be honest and sincere.
LEADERSHIP : The spirit of leading towards the bright future.

Why Omega Power ?

The Following Keys are Define US

1:- Customer Satisfaction
2:- Time bound in Completion of project.
3:- Safety and Quality
4:- Effective Planning & Monitoring
5:- Well experienced and strong infrastructure project anywhere.
6:- Value of Customer’s vision.
7:- Flexible Working Methods.

Remote Areas

Omega Power has provided subsidized Solar Energy Solution in Remote Areas of south Punjab

Solarizing Pakistan

Solar Energy System can be more successful in Pakistan than any other country, because availablity of Sinlight throughout year. Today we are facing serious shortage of Eletricity.
We are wasting a blessing, which is given to us in the shape of Solar Energy. It is high time that we should focus our future and change our mind to us blessing with little effort and initiative we can secure the future of our generations.

Our Products

Omega Power through its nationwide of offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan maintains the largest stock of Solar Components.

Our inventory comprises the following.
->Solar Modules
->Solar Inverters
->Solar Heat System
->Solar Street Lights
->Solar Water Pumps

Our Customers

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